The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has issued a release restricted the sale, possession, and use of light weapons in the Anglophone regions for a period of three months renewable, following repeated acts of violence committed on the population with the said weapons.

According to the release issued Tuesday, August 18, the only way for a person living in the North West and South West regions to own a machete, an ax, or an iron rod is henceforth through authorization.

He has thus instructed the Governors of the two regions to count all the machetes, axes, and irons found in all the shops present in their area of command so that none of them should be bought without the buyer giving concrete reasons for the purchase.

Before purchasing Iron rods used for building, for example, the buyer must have a building project ongoing and the construction must be legal.

Meanwhile, before buying a machete, the buyer must own a farm and or give concrete reasons for doing so after which the Divisional Officer will grant authorization for the purchase.

According to Minister Atanga Nji, his decision follows recent acts of violence perpetrated on “honest citizens” of the North West and South West regions by suspected separatists with the use of the above-mentioned weapons.

Published on 18.08.2020 at 16h16 by journalduCameroun