The organising committee of the Anglophone General Conference, AGC has urged the government of Cameroon to hold an effective inclusive dialogue with Anglophone stakeholders for peace to return in the two restive regions.

The committee expressed her desire in a press release signed on Wednesday.

The release follows a meeting convened by the committee that was chaired by Cardinal Christian Tumi in Douala.

In the release, the committee praises the government’s admission that the only way out of the Anglophone crisis is through dialogue, but however regrets that the moves are not yet effective.

Added to that, they frown at the continuous loss of lives and the hardship compounded on the people as a result of the escalating conflict in the two Anglophone crisis.

The committee took the opportunity to reiterate that it is not a mediating body but it aims at providing a conducive and impartial forum for people to gather proposals and submit to the head of state for effective solutions to the Anglophone crisis.