Over 200 supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement were arrested in Yaounde on Saturday June 8, a spokesperson of the party has said.

Olivier Bibou Nissack, spokesperson for Maurice Kamto told said in a realease that the supporters were arrested at various locations in town  as they were about to carry out a protest.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement had announced a protest for Saturday at the central town but the area was flooded by anti riot security forces.

This forced the protesters to change their itinerary, Olivier Bibou Nissack said but did not reveal where exactly the protesters went before they were arrested.

The second Vice President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Tiriane Noah on Saturday praised the party’s supporters for coming out in their numbers to protest but images of any protest have not been seen as it is still unclear where the party staged Saturday’s demonstrations.

Seecurity sources have equally refused to confirm if any arrests were made on Saturday as claimed by Olivier Bibou Nissack.

He however said the party will press forward with what it call the National Resistance Plan as they continue to call on the release of their leader Maurice Kamto and other supporters of the party detained nationwide.