The population of the sandpit was left in complete shock after waking up this morning to discover a popular mechanic’s body lying lifeless in a bush.

Popularly known as “white” Lebota Osita Jonathan was shot yesterday by the police who had trailed his vehicle till he parked at the sandpit and fled into the bush. Sandpit resident who witnessed what happened narrated that he heard loud gunshots and when he looked he saw the police in their vehicle aiming shots into the farm. “I initially thought they were firing the shots in the air. Then this morning while I was working, my neighbors alerted me that there was a corpse in the bush” he narrated.

Another person who witnessed the incident from close-ranged revealed that the popular mechanic had reportedly been running away from the police for a while when “he stopped his car by the bush, came out and jumped into the bush. The police following him to the bush, shot him there and left” she narrated.

The assassination of Osita Jonathan is the latest in a sudden spree of killings by the Cameroonian police force in the town of Buea. The police have not made an official statement as to why the 24-year-old was killed and left to rot in the bush. People are becoming increasingly worried about the increasing violence meted on civilians by the police in Buea. Such killings without valid explanations have become very recurrent.