The Yaounde Military tribunal has adjourned the case against the detained Ambazonia leaders to July 9 pending the delivery of a verdict in an appeal filed by the accused at the Court of Appeal of the Centre Region.

The ten accused separatist leaders appeared in court on Wednesday for the first time after several months of boycott as their laywers continued their resistance against the continuance of the case.

The judge had attempted to continue with procedures but the defence lawyers insisted they had recused him for being partial in favour of the government bench.

The defence lawyers maintained their stance they had filed an Appeal at the Court of Appeal of the Centre region against the decision of the Military tribunal to judge their clients in Yaounde despite being refugees and assylum seekers.

The lawyers insisted all procedures at the Yaounde Military Tribunal must be halted until a verdict is handed down by the Appeal Court of the Centre region.

After receiving the recusal from the lawyers, the judge had no option but to adjourn the case to July 9, expecting a verdict before then.