A Boko Haram attack in the village of Talla Massali, in Mora, Mayo Sava division in Cameroon’s Far North region has left three dead, we have gathered.

Reports say the heavily armed fighters took the village hostage at about 11 PM.

Despite the closeness of the locality to a military camp, they were able to get away after their attack, a source said.

The attackers are said to have targeted the village chief, his son, and another resident of Talla Massali.

After killing the 3 at close range, the members of the Boko Haram sect fled from the village without causing any more damage.

The defense forces are said to have arrived in the village only after the attack, meeting with frustrated locals.

Security has been reinforced in the village, but locals remain in fear and uncertainty.

Many have criticised the Cameroon government for reducing resources committed to fighting the sect, leading to a surge in incursions over the past weeks.