In a meeting that was summoned by the SDO and the city mayor of Bamenda – with taxi drivers and commercial bike riders in attendance, it was resolved that, private and commercial bikes will now be prohibited from circulating within the urban perimeters of the city of Bamenda.

The move remains valid until further notice, a statement issued after the gathering said. Bamenda has in the past days been hit by gun battles, and the meeting was not unconnected to the latest happenings.

During the meeting, it was also decreed that clandestine motor parks would relocate to authorized parks.

The park include: Mobile Nkwen Park to Mile 4 park, Ntarikon park to Mile 8 Mankon Park, Santa Akum Park at Commercial avenue to Up station (Mendankwe park), Mbengwi park at Old church-Hospital Roundabout to Nitop park, Ekok, Mamfe, Widikum, Batibo at Hospital Roundabout to Ntaturu park.

Authorities said violators of these measures will be “punished according to the law in place”.

The decree follows similar measures that were enforced in the Buea municipality by the late Mayor, Ekema Patrick Esunge.

Authorities have argued that the use of commercial and private bikes in urban areas facilitate kidnapping by the separatist fighters in the restive Anglophone regions, as most of them use them in their operations and attacks.

Many young people in these towns who were largely dependent on commercial motorcycling as their sole source of income, are now frustrated by the decision.


Mimi Mefo Info