In an eventful day in the economic capital, Douala which was marked by a series of violent clashes between protesters and the forces of law, Tah Mai Javis, a journalist with Douala-based media house, My Media Prime TV was arbitrarily taken away by the police alongside the cameraman as they covered the violent clashes in Douala.

Out on the field doing nothing out of the ordinary rather than his job, regime barons would take a sting to the ear as he particularly was not covering one of CPDM’s many rallies, or government minister’s outings, nor partaking in one of Atanga Nji’s numerous bullying press conferences, but rather covering the peaceful protest which the government tried effortlessly to foil.

Would Tah Mai Javis and his Cameraman, Christain Tebong have been arrested had they been covering the commercial bike riders’ march to Bonanjo against the CRM’s proposed nationwide protest?

Would he be under custody even if he took a placard to the street against Kamto’s proposed march?

What exactly did he do wrong in trying to show to the world what was going on in Cameroon? What crime have journalists committed?

This country will never go forward unless the freedom of the press is guaranteed.

Mimi Mefo Info