John Moses Sama, a teacher at Government High School New Bell, Douala in Cameroon has been ‘found’ at the dreaded Kondengui Principal Prison in the nation’s capital, Yaounde.

Arrested weeks ago, he is accused of working with separatists fighting to create a state christened Ambazonia, out of the country’s minority English speaking regions.

After being held incommunicado, he has resurfaced at the Kondengui prison in Yaounde.

Inside sources have narrated the inhumane, brutal, and near-death ordeal the teacher was made to go through these past weeks.

John Sama and another detainee brought into the Kondengui Principal Prison, a source says “… are full of rashes, as they had not taken a good bath since they were arrested. They slept on a bare floor at the detention facility run by the General Directorate of External Research, DGRE, and need some basic medical attention.”

The source adds that though they have not tested positive for Covid-19, they “… are being quarantined to ascertain that they don’t have it since they are from a different facility.”

“For 45 days, they permitted him to take a bath just three times and gave him no food for about 20 days,” Mimi Mefo Info gathered.

He has since been at the military court three times before being sent to prison to await trial.

Sources close to the father of four say they believe he was framed by colleagues.

A family source said “When he was arrested, they asked him why he is following Amba activists on Facebook. He said he knows none of them. His android phone has not been functioning for months now. My uncle is innocent. He has been a government teacher in Douala for over 20 years.”

He now joins several persons arrested and accused of links with separatists or playing other roles in the Anglophone crisis.

Partly due to the slow pace of the trial processes, some have made years behind bars already with no court verdict insight for them.

This, in addition to the horrible living conditions in the facility, has transformed their lives into a living hell.

The regime and separatists have however denied dialogue as more lives keep getting lost and damaged in the wartorn regions for the fourth year today.