Emily Anne Thornberry, a British politician, and MP has questioned her country’s continuation of trade with Cameroon despite the numerous rights abuses in the Anglophone regions.

Emily Thornberry who has been the Member of Parliament for Islington South and Finsbury since 2005 and is Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade since 2020 said Britain should not be trading “… with a regime which is slaughtering women and children just because they live-in English-speaking towns”.

The deal between both nations, she explained in parliament, “… was agreed by ministers apparently with no consideration and clearly no concern for the persistent gross violations of international human rights that are taking place inside Cameroon”.

“I would urge all members to think about the Cameroon deal and how little consideration ministers gave either to Human Rights or to the rights of this parliament when they decided to sign it” she urged her counterparts in parliament.

The UK in signing the trade deal, she added, had disregarded a recent call by the US senate to use economic measures to see that the Biya regime and separatist fighters reach a compromise.

Mimi Mefo Info