A brawl allegedly broke out in one of the quarters of the Kondengui Central Prison between some Anglophone detainees and Francophone prisoners. The fight resulted in the stabbing of an Anglophone detainee, Menji Christian, who is now battling for his life at a hospital in Yaoundé.

An Anglophone informant from Kondengui narrated to MMI that the fight started when Menji Christian’s phone got stolen from his cell room and was later found out to have been stolen by one of the inmates of French descent.

“Christian’s phone got stolen and we had given up all hope of finding it. However, an inmate recently made a call from Menji Christian’s cell room. He was probably discussing with someone from outside to send him some money. When they asked him for the number and the name the money will be sent to, the number he gave and the name, which was going to appear, belonged to Menji Christian. So Christian overheard the conversation and confronted him,” our source narrated.

Menji Christian would then attempt to drag his suspect to the disciplinary office.

“When Christian tried taking him to the disciplinary office, he resisted, and then a fight broke out between both of them. Moments later, some thugs stormed the vicinity, saying that Ambazonians had come to take their place away from them and must hence leave. They also vowed to kill at least one Anglophone detainee that same day. That was when three of them went on to stab Menji Christian several times, causing him to bleed profusely,” a trusted source told MMI.

Our sources add that the three thugs who stabbed Christian were all held and given to the prison authorities though one of them escaped punishment.

Menji Christian meanwhile was transferred to the prison infirmary where he is being attended.

The thugs who stormed and attacked the Anglophones in jail however have vowed that they are going to make life miserable for the Anglophone “Ambazonians” in Prison