America has denied allegations of an announced military intervention in Cameroon to solve the four-year-long Anglophone crisis rocking the North West and South West regions of the country attributed to its Ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Craft.

In a release made public Friday, October 9, the US Embassy in Cameroon states clearly that it has no interest in such interventions in Cameroon.

“The U.S. Embassy categorically denies the assertions in recent fake news stories claiming that U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft recently announced alleged U.S. intentions regarding a supposed military intervention in Cameroon.”

“The United States has no such interest or intention.  Ambassador Craft did not comment about Cameroon in the recent time periods indicated in the stories and she has never stated or implied that the United States would consider the military intervention of any nature in Cameroon…” the release partly reads.

Similarly, the Embassy rejects recent “fake news stories” asserting that the US Congress unanimously approved any US intervention in Cameroon in a bit to help the country solve the Anglophone crisis.

The release nevertheless admits that during their come together last September 7, the Congress expressed concerns about human rights violations in Cameroon and urged both parties to engage in an inclusive dialogue to end the violence and nothing else that had to do with US intervention.

The same call to an ‘open-ended’ dialogue to stop the violence is reiterated at the end of the release.