Tohanian Anthony Nguo popularly knows as Magasco has called for an end to the anglophone crisis.

The well known urban music artist Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 posted #ENDANGLOPHONECRISES on his Facebook page while requesting for dialogue to end the war. Efforts by Mimi Mefo Info to get further details from Magasco of what particularly prompted his post failed.
A member of his management team says “…he is unavailable now”.

The post comes a few days after Abdul Karim Ali, an anglophone activist took to his social media handles criticising anglophone musicians for being indifferent to the anglophone crisis.

To Abdul Karim, musicians from the anglophone regions have not used their God-given talent of singing to denounce injustices meted on the people of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. He cited artists in the Federal Republic of Nigeria that are leading nationwide protests to end a special anti-robbery squad that has turn to be a torn in the flesh of Nigerians.

It should be noted that another artist, Askia has also called for dialogue and an end to the war in her song released in 2019.
Apart from a few musicians from the North West and South West standing out to denounce the crisis, observers think a majority of the musicians are indifferently preferring to handle other themes in their music.

To Abdul Karim, “We are not calling on them to join the struggle but to denounce human rights violation committed in the regions by anyone.”

Mbatho Ntan.