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Anglophone crisis Covid-19 Cameroon: Population mobilising for school resumption in Anglophone Regions

Anglophone crisis Covid-19 Cameroon: Population mobilising for school resumption in Anglophone Regions 

As the new academic year is set to roll on Monday, October 5, stakeholders are putting all efforts in place to ensure schools effectively resume in the North West and South West Regions.

Unlike the previous years where politicians were seen championing school resumption in these two regions, it is rather a collective effort this year with civil society activists as well as the community, in general, putting hands on deck to ensure children effectively return to school on Monday.

Since last week, authorities in the South West Region have been multiplying efforts to ensure schools resume in that part of the country with the Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai holding several meetings with the various stakeholders to chart a way for effective school resumption.

His counterpart in the North West Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique has equally been meeting with the population to encourage them to send their children to school on Monday.

These words from the officials have not fallen on deaf ears as the population has decided to take their destiny in their own hands.

At the start of the week, images surfaced of parents cleaning school campuses in some localities in the North West Region to prepare for school resumption on Monday. Even the age-old Cotech Bafut has gotten a new facelift from the bushy images that first surfaced online a week ago.

As communities also join the back to school campaign, other civil society activists have equally thrown their weight to ensure children return to school.

It is the case with some bloggers in the North West and South West regions who have tailored their contents to promote school resumption in that part of the country.

“As a Journalist, I am a voice to the voiceless, I have watched parents within my community talk about their wish for schools to begin with success and have kids go to school uninterrupted (so,I have to take up the challenge to advocate school resumption),” Melany Ndefru, journalist and blogger at the Civiclens blog said.

Melany has produced promotional content to sensitise parents in the North West and South West Regions and hopes parents heed the call and send their children to school on Monday.

“These kids have lost so much…as a mother, I have kids who have suffered the same effect being away from school, and though making efforts to teach them at home, I also had to seek for services of a private teacher so that they can catch and move forward when schools begin on October 5. We need the kids to go back to school, through my blog I wish to encourage a ceasefire and have schools be safe ground for our kids, they are the future we are praying for,” she added.

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