One of Africa’s biggest football competitions kicks off in barely 24 hours in Cameroon. Away from the Covid-19 restrictions, many young people may still not be able to have access to stadiums that are due to host some of the games.

This is as a result of an ongoing operation by the Central Africa Nation’s security forces.

In the restive southwest region where soldiers have been battling separatists campaigning for an independent state called Ambazonian, many young boys have been arrested and/or detained over the past days in a series of sweeping raids.

Mimi Mefo Info has obtained footage in which security operatives appear to coerce young boys to give them money, information, some locals say is accurate.

“See what the police are doing to us in Buea!” Exclaimed a student out of frustration.

Police harassment, the student adds, is fast becoming the new normal: “… Buea is made of students but because of football they are making the town more uncomfortable for us”.

While the multiplication of impromptu searches and raids is understandable as Ambazonian fighters have threatened to disrupt the competitions.

Many have shared stories of encounters with security forces, most of whom have always raised concerns of torture, extortion, brutality, and illegal arrests and detention.

Despite the prolonged outcry, authorities have often maintained sealed lips, leaving helpless civilians at the mercy of the notoriously brutal forces.

Mimi Mefo Info