The truck driver had gone to supply sand in Ewili, a village in the outskirts of Buea in the Southwest region, and was intercepted on his way back by a group of separatists fighters.

Sources close to the truck driver say that despite the pleas he made to the separatist fighters, they denied listening and rather chose to set his truck ablaze.

After a period of arguments and disagreement, the separatists set some flames on the vehicle, but it was carefully put out by the “motor boy”. According to our informant, this angered the fighters who then aimed a shot at the young man.

“Fortunately the gun was not loaded… when he took time to load the gun, the ‘Motorboy’ fled into the bush and disappeared”. They however fired shots at the bush and the young ‘motor boy’ is believed to have been touched.

The driver who tried to take advantage of the situation to escape got shot on his arm and the truck tyres punctured with bullets and set ablaze for a second time, this time making sure the vehicle burned to ashes before they left.

“This is a real devilish thing to do. I have never seen this type of wickedness in my entire life. If next time you decide to run across them with your car when you spot them, then it will be ok because what they just did is not fair” reacts an angry inhabitant of Ewili.

The Anglophone crisis in recent periods has seen an almost dramatic shift from open confrontations between the separatist fighters and military fighters, to targeting the civilian population.

The Ambazonian Fighters like military forces have devised different methods through which they extort money and loot property from the civilians. Some who resist are either killed or locked up.

The crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions is becoming less burdensome for the fighters on the ground and more dangerous for the neutral population.