The creation of a military control post in Ngarbuh, Donga Mantung division, after the military massacred civilians on February 14, 2020, has worsened the security situation as Ngarbuh is now frequently mentioned in news organs.

Fatao, said to be an Ambazonia fighter was murdered on Saturday, October 10, allegedly by State-sponsored Mbororo men in Ngarbuh. They reportedly carted away with cattle with the help of government forces.

Ambazonia Separatists trapped down one of the Mbororo men who allegedly carried out the act, he disclosed the names of his members, and two more were picked up.

Locals are not secured in Ngarbuh even with the presence of military as the factions continue to fight, loot, and kill. One month ago, two boys were arrested by Government forces in Ngarbuh, taken to Nkambe but were killed on the way. The same month, wives of two Ambazonia fighters were arrested.