The insistence of the Government to carry out the upcoming regional election in the Anglophone regions has prompted a reaction from separatist fighters on the ground.

Different factions of the splitter groups in the Northwest and the Southwest regions have promised doom for any political parties insisting on taking part at the polls in the Anglophone regions.

In a communique published on November 24 by the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF), the central command of the group has instructed fighters to take to custody and possibly eliminate every participant of the upcoming December 6 Regional Elections, including chiefs and their councilors.

“The Chiefs and Councilors who violate the laws of the land, collaborate with the killers of our people must all be arrested or eliminated” it reads.

Ambazonian Restoration Forces have also carried out threats on social media, stating that any elections organized in the Anglophone regions would be considered an act of trespassing.

They also hinted there might be a potential lockdown to be announced in the coming days for security reasons.

Many civilians of the two Anglophone regions are at a loss at what actions they are expected to take next.
From all indications, there might be another out-flux of civilians from the Anglophone regions before the regional elections day.

Many have already anticipated a tense atmosphere with lots of bloodsheds. Recent threats by the Ambazonia separatist factions have simply come to confirm those fears.