Just as feared, the surprising attacks by separatist fighters at Matazem, near Babadjou has not gone without repercussions on the people of Bachua, in the West Region.

After the attack which left about 6 people dead, the military reportedly stormed the village of Bachua, arresting both young and old persons to their base in Babadjou.

According to our informants, about 30 villagers who got arrested were rather calm when they were being taken by the military. The conception amongst them was that they were going to be interrogated and then freed.

Reports say that the arrested villagers of Bachua in the West Region are constantly being tortured and given all sorts of treatments by the Military forces in Babadjou.

According to the security forces, the people of Bachua are accomplices to the Separatists fighters who stormed and killed Military officers at Matazem on Friday morning.

“Around the court premises, you can hear policemen already calling the inhabitants Ambazonians and asking that the whole quarter be burnt” a villager of Bachua recounted. Many of the youths that were taken by the military forces cannot equally be accounted for.

Rightfully, on the day of the attack, so many civilians from around Matazem and Santa fled from the houses into the bushes for the fear of what might come after the attack.